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A gift to your family, sparing them hard decisions at an emotional time.

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Advanced Planning

Most families strongly agree regarding the benefits of advanced funeral planning…


“Relieve the emotional burden from my family.”

            By making funeral and burial decisions in advance, you free your loved ones, from this responsibility.  This gives them time to build a foundation for healing and support for one another.  The funeral service will be a time of reflection and a celebration of your life. 

“Express our own wishes.”

            Often a family agonizes over what their loved one would have wanted:

“Did I do the right thing?”

“Did I forget anything?”

“Did I include everyone?”

“How will I pay for the funeral?”

            These are all questions that can be answered in a documented and funded advanced funeral plan.  It is also our experience that many people don’t realize all of the options available in funeral and memorial care.  Now is the best time to discover what is available for you and your family. 

“Remove the financial responsibility from my family.”

            Choosing a funding option completes your advance funeral plan.  We offer a variety of payment plans that will meet your needs. 


If you are preplanning for peace of mind or in anticipation of applying for State of Connecticut Medicaid, HUSKY, or Title 19, we can assist with making these important decisions.


Connecticut Medicaid, Title 19 or HUSKY

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a needs-based program which was created by Congress to help pay for medical care for those aged and disabled persons, as well as poor children and their caretaker relatives, who meet the very strict eligibility criteria.  Medicaid is jointly financed by the federal and state governments, and is administered in Connecticut by the Department of Social Services.   Connecticut is required to adhere to the basic eligibility and benefits requirements contained in the federal statute and regulations.  The Department of Social Services has developed its own regulations and policies interpreting the federal rules.          

Preparing for the Medicaid/HUSKY

Arranging your affairs before you need Medicaid or HUSKY assistance is of the utmost importance.


According to the State of Connecticut HUSKY website, spend-down cases are cases where individuals do not immediately qualify because their incomes exceed the HUSKY income limits, but could qualify for HUSKY through the spend-down process. The spend-down process compares the individual’s income to the HUSKY income limit over a 6-month budget period. The amount of the individual’s income that is over the HUSKY income limit during the 6-month spend-down period is the individual’s “spend-down amount.” The spend-down amount is similar to an insurance deductible: HUSKY will not pay medical expenses up to the spend-down amount, but may pay for any medical expenses subsequently incurred through the end of the spend-down budget period.

The State of Connecticut has, through Public Acts 97-2 and 04-233, created specific opportunities for individuals to establish funds for funeral and final disposition expenses, during the spend-down period and while on HUSKY. Funds may be safely protected in either an Irrevocable Funeral Trust Account or in a Revocable Burial Space Items Contract; or in a combination of both. Additionally, funds may also be protected for funeral and burial expenses by purchasing or irrevocably assigning a Life Insurance Policy.

All of the above referenced funding vehicles protect 100% of your money, are transferable and are not considered an asset for the purposes of determining an individual's eligibility for financial assistance from the State of Connecticut, Medicaid, HUSKY and/or Title 19 programs


What happens if you are unable to set aside any funds?

An individual, who dies in the State of Connecticut with no assets, may apply to receive $1,200.00 toward their final disposition expenses from the State of Connecticut through the State Administered General Assistance Program (SAGA).  However, an individual may not be entitled to receive this benefit, if they have any life insurance, real estate, vehicle(s) or any other tangible assets.  Furthermore, family and friends are allowed to contribute a maximum of $3,400.00 towards the funeral and burial expenses, and the total expenses cannot exceed $4,600.00. We are happy to answer your questions regarding this program and to assist you with the application process.



Already made Pre-arrangements?

If you have already preplanned your final arrangements with another funeral home or cremation service, please know that we will honor any prearrangement that has already been made with another funeral provider.

 In the state of Connecticut all pre need arrangements are 100% transferable, and ONLY the funeral home that provides your final arrangements is entitled to receive the proceeds of your prepaid funeral account.



Getting Started?

We are happy to meet with you anytime in your home or in ours.  Please consider giving your family the loving gift of knowing exactly how to honor and celebrate your life, by simply filling out our online prearrangement form.


Please find the links below as a useful resource.

Vital Statistic Information
This form contains all the information required to properly complete the State of Connecticut Death Certificate.
Funeral Preference Instructions
This form provides a check list of general details for preferred services. To leave a specific list of preferences, please make an appointment to meet with one of our knowledgeable and caring directors.
Obituary Guideline Form
Together with this form we can craft the most appropriate and personal obituary.
Pre Planning Guide
Please feel free to take a look at our free funeral planning guide. If you would like us to mail you a copy at no charge please call us 203-729-4334.
Pre-Planning Checklist
There’s so much to consider. If you're making final arrangements for yourself or a loved one, this checklist will help you make sure every detail is handled properly.
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We invite you to contact us for assistance in answering a question, or caring for a loved one. Whether it’s by phone or email, or in person, we’re here for you, 24/7.

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