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If you’re interested in making advanced arrangements, please visit our Advanced Planning Page which has specific information and forms on how to prearrange a funeral service.  

When someone dies it can be a very difficult and confusing time.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU.  The following information will help you organize your thoughts, however, if this guide doesn’t meet all of your needs, please call us at 203-729-4334.  We consider it a privilege and an honor to assist you. 

If someone has died…

The first step varies, depending on each individual situation.  One of the first things that must be done when an individual dies at a private residence is to have a state licensed medical official do a Pronouncement of Death.  If you are unsure of what to do in your particular situation, please call us immediately at 203-729-4334 and we can advise you on the appropriate course of action.  If the death occurs in a hospital, nursing home or other care facility, a facility staff member will assist with the pronouncement of death.   

A state licensed official can include any of the following:

  • Your loved ones primary care physician.
  • A hospice nurse, only if the individual is on hospice care.
  • An Advanced Practicing Registered Nurse. (APRN)
  •  A Registered Nurse (RN), who has been authorized or is under the supervision of a Doctor.
  • The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.
  • Emergency responders (911) can do a presumption of death under the supervision of the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office. 

Once the proper authority has been contacted, please contact us, so that we can be with you, and when you are ready, take your loved one into our care. 


Making funeral arrangements….

We recommend that you take some time to prepare for the arrangement process. Contact other family members who will be involved in finalizing the arrangements and gather together information and items as required.  Agree on a convenient time to meet with the funeral director, either at the funeral home or at someone’s home.

The next step is to discuss and finalize the funeral arrangements, and during this time we will carefully listen to the family and then present options that will best meet their needs and expectations. 

There are many types of services that we can help you arrange, no matter what your preferences are, our commitment is to work together with you to arrange a service that best memorializes and celebrates the life of the person we are honoring.   

Before the arrangement conference, here are a few things to think about…

Who should come?

Our goal is to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible during the arrangements, so please invite any family and/or friends to attend the arrangement conference. During the arrangement conference, we are required by law to have all of the arrangements authorized by the legal next of kin.  

Is there a burial space available?

When discussing funeral planning, burial space is traditionally a good place to begin.  If there is an existing family burial plot, we can assist with gathering information about that particular burial space for you.  We can also assist if you need to purchase burial space.  We will contact the cemetery representative, schedule an appointment for your family and our funeral director to meet at the cemetery and discuss and ultimately select an appropriate burial space. 

Will there be any viewing?

Globally recognized grief professionals have determined that the viewing of an individual after they have died, whether prior to burial or cremation, is an extremely important part of the grieving process.  We are proud to offer every family an opportunity for a viewing, whether public or private. 


Place of service? (Church, Funeral Home, or Cemetery)

We are experienced in assisting with and directing all types of religious and non-religious services, and together we will arrange a service, at the place of the family’s choosing, that meets all of your expectations.

When can services take place?

Funeral Services, Viewings and Life Celebrations should be held within a reasonable amount of time after a death, and can be held any place that the family chooses.  When a formal approval is required from a particular venue, our funeral directors will make the necessary arrangements on behalf of the family. However, formal interments, entombments and inurnments must be in or at a recognized cemetery, mausoleum or columbarium.

Types of caskets Wood, Metal or Green Burial?

There are many different types and styles of caskets that are available in different materials.  We have a modern selection room, catalogues and video presentations to assist every family with their selections. Our goal is to assist, inform and support each family, to make the selection that is most appropriate for them.


Service options are not limited when a cremation is selected. Our funeral directors carefully tailor every service so that each service meets all of the preferences of the family.  Cremation is regulated by law in Connecticut and the following information briefly explains those regulations.


After an individual’s death has been legally certified, and a time of death has been established, there is a mandatory 48 hour waiting period, from the legal time of death until the cremation can take place. During that 48 hour waiting period, the funeral director is responsible for contacting the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and providing them with the required information so that an investigation to certify the cause and manner of death can be completed and a Cremation Certificate can be issued. Additionally, the recognized legal relative must sign a Cremation Permit and a Crematory Authorization to authorize the cremation.  Once all of the necessary documents have been executed and filed, the cremation is arranged.  The actual cremation process is usually completed in 2 to 4 days.    




Helpful Resources:

The first helpful resource we suggest is a phone call.  If you have any questions we encourage you to give us a call, we are available whenever you need us at 203-729-4334.


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